History Society: A Military History of Aynho

Rupert Clark has compiled “A Military History of Aynho”, covering 8000 years of anecdotes, facts and feats of people connected to Aynho and the military. It is 224 pages with copious photographs and illustrations. Click below to download a copy.

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Aynho Long Walk: 20th March 2014

Nine of us set off this morning led by Ian. We walked down Miller’s Lane towards the ford but it was still quite deep and fast flowing so we skirted round the top and continued along the field edge towards the M40. The ground was dry underfoot and the crop was quite advanced. A large tree felled by the winter storms lay across the path but we circumnavigated it well enough. We passed under the motorway and approached the viaduct. This seems to be a fly tipping centre. recently a huge heap of tyres lay there. These have now gone but an old mattress is among otherĀ  rubbish spoiling the countryside. Once out on the road we passed the Great Western and took the canal path towards Wash Lane. Water levels were back to normal and most of the path had dried out. Wash Lane is always a demanding climb but it was very pleasant in the sunshine. Souldern Village was its usual pleasant sight but once past the church the overflowing stream down the concrete track to the sewage works continues to flood the path. The walk back via the Portway tunnel was much drier than we expected and we arrived back in just over two hours very pleased to see Kay II had the food ready for those who had ordered it and coffee and cake was also very welcome.

Aynho Short Walk: 7th March 2014

The short walk this morning strode bravely through the fog along the Black Path across the village and down Station Road and Millers Lane. We were unable to see more than ten yards in front of us. The ford was full and fast flowing so we made no attempt to cross it, but turned and climbed back to the pavilion. We were all delighted to discover that the new Pavilion Cafe manager, Kay II produces food similar to that we have been missing so badly from Kay I. It is equally delicious and similarly priced. Kay II is a real find and we are all grateful to Sue for her persistence in finding someone so good.