Aynho Network Group: Fundraiser

Fundraiser in aid of   KATHARINE HOUSE HOSPICE

Friday 9th December 10.0am -noon at  the Cartwright Hotel,  Aynho.

Please along and bring friends, colleagues and neighbours and join us  for coffee/tea with a Danish/mince pie and help us raise some funds for our local  hospice.

£5.00 will include a raffle ticket.  All  proceeds to the Hospice.

Biodiversity Group: Tree of the Month

The Conifer
Conifers are a group of trees that produce seeds inside cones and evergreen needle-like leaves. The earliest conifers in the fossil record date from about 300 million years ago.  The modern conifer order contains eight families and over 600 species, including pines, cypress, firs and yew. The Scots pine, the yew and the common juniper are the only ones native to Britain having colonised it after the last ice age.

Did You Know?

  • Pine cones were the favourite food of the Parasaurolophus, one of the duck-billed dinosaurs that lived 60 million years ago. Their uniquely formed jaw and hundreds of teeth were perfectly adapted to eat the tough, chewy cones.
  • Scots pines were planted to mark droveways helping travellers find their way. They were also planted around farmsteads to act as windbreaks.
  • The Druids decorated pine trees in the wild with images of things they wished the waning year to bring – fruits for a successful harvest, love charms for happiness, nuts for fertility and coins for wealth.
  • Children in Finland and Sweden make traditional toys called ‘Cone Cows’ using pine cones with sticks for legs.  In Finland there is a park with giant pine cone cow sculptures large enough for children to ride on.
  • The Egyptian staff of Osiris dating back 1224BC has a pine cone on it as does the Pope’s sacred staff.
  • Many yews in Britain are known to be over 1000 years old.
  • The yew often starts growing again when it is about 500 years old.


Recorded Music Society: November Meeting

The November contribution was presented by Ian. It was a dazzling mixture and a very full programme which started with the “Baroque” period, including Monteverdi, Purcell, Tallis and Gluck. We then moved swiftly into the “Classical Era” Schubert, Mendelssohn and Rossini. “The Romantic” period was represented by Tchaikovsky, Frank and Rubenstein. The solemnity was then shattered by George Formby singing “Aunty Maggie’s Remedy” which was taken advantage of at the interval. We then heard very strong vocals from Pavarotti, Bryn Terfel and Aled Jones.

The second half started with Gilbert & Sullivan followed by Pavane, Puccini, Manuel de Falla and Villa Lobos. Victoria de los Angeles sang Puccini’s “Sensa Mamma from the Opera “Suor Angelica” and in contrast the evening ended with Doris Day singing “Que Sera Sera”.

Thank you gentlemen for maintaining the very high standards that have persisted since the first programme presented by Doris and Bernard. Thanks also to the committee for guidance over the past 15 years.            Contact: Bob Mann 810264                                                                       

Recorded Music Society: October Meeting

Due to the correspondent being on holiday the autumn newsletter was missed sincere apologies to Robert. His contribution started the 15th year of the birth of The Aynho Recorded Music Society with a refreshing programme beginning with Grieg’s “Piano Concerto” 1st Movement. This was followed in stark contrast by Scott Joplin “The Entertainer” and Henry Litolff’s dazzling “Scherzo”. The evening continued with items from “High Society” and after the convivial break by Bruch’s “Violin Concerto”. There followed Val Doonican’s “Walk Tall” “King of the Road” and “What would I be”.  Grieg’s  3rd Movement of  “Piano Concerto” brought a most interesting programme to a close.    Many thanks Robert.

Contact: Bob Mann 810264


Carol Service

All children are warmly invited to this Carol Service in Aynho Church.

If you wish, please come dressed as a character in the Nativity. There will be plenty of dressing-up clothes available in church on the evening or ring Helen Boswell 810224 beforehand to say what you would like to borrow. There is no need to dress up if you don’t want to. There will be an opportunity in the Service for the children to sing “Away in a Manger” and to look at the Crib.

The Travelling Crib

If anyone would like to host the Aynho Travelling Crib for a night or two in December please contact Helen Boswell immediately. I would like to arrange the rota to start on Thursday 1st December.

Tel: 01869-810224            Email boswellhd@btconnect.com

Aynho Long Walk 24th November 2016

A cold Northeast wind and an overcast sky did not put off thirteen walkers today. It was good to have Ian back and able to back up. We set off down Green Lane which was still free of mud and puddles after the gate that blocks vehicles. The track along the valley from the Lower Walton Grounds farm buildings towards Charlton had all its usual puddles for the first 100 yards or so, but improved after that. We continued into the field with the crop coming up well and reached the footbridge which slopes across the narrow stream into the next filed. This was very slippery but we all managed without a fall. We continued towards Charlton and turned up through the old stone pits and emerged at the top of the village. From here the wind was not in our faces and once we reached the bottom of the hill and took the path back towards Rainsborough camp the wind gave us a helpful push towards the top of the hill. WE took the usual route back along the ridge and across to the pavilion. It was full of walkers engaged in lively chat about everything under the sun, but also taking a moment to sign a card for Doris who had had a nasty fall in Milton Keynes the week before.

Aynho Long Walk 17th November 2016

Only ten of us today but the weather brightened during the walk. We set off through the village and down Station Road and Millers lane to the ford. In spite of recent rain it was still not over the track. We continued up to Souldern and turned right on Wharf Lane to skirt round the back of the village and emerged near the lane up to Nancy Bowles wood. The track up there to Foxhill was full of puddles but at the top we were in sunshine as we took the path out to the Fritwell Road. The road was quite busy as we continued back towards the village and took the road down to the church. The churchyard trees were very colourful as were those along the banks of the stream we crossed to re-enter Northants. In the final field up to Ryelands Woods we saw a deer crossing the ploughed field and heading for the trees. back at the pavilion the hot drinks and cakes or lunch were particularly welcome on such a cold morning.

Stir Up Sunday – 20th November

Sunday 20th November is Stir Up Sunday  which gets its name not from the stirring of the Christmas cake or pudding but from a prayer used in church that Sunday.

“Stir up, O Lord, the wills of your faithful people, that they bringing forth the fruit of good works, may by you be richly rewarded: through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen”                                                                                     

The Rectory, Croughton Road , Aynho,  will be hosting its annual open house from 4pm-7pm inviting you to come and ‘stir up’ our Christmas cake mix and to have a drink and a sausage.  Heather and I look forward to seeing you then.

God bless           Simon