Aynho Long Walk 31st August 2017

Rain or shine? No one was quite sure as fourteen of us set off through the village towards Station Road and Millers Lane. As it happened we got some of both, but luckily more sunshine. We crossed the ford and the footbridge and continued along the field edge and under the motorway until we reached Station Road again and crossed to the Great Western and the canal. We followed the canal to Souldern Wharf. Lots of moored long boats but no one cruising along. We crossed the bridge and walked up Wharf Lane to Souldern village in lovely sunshine. The path off to the left around the Aynho side of the village was very overgrown but there were wonderful views across Aynho Park. We were soon on the Portway path and had great views of the deer herds. At our approach they charged off towards Millers Lane.
Back at the pavilion a few of us stopped to enjoy Kathy’s coffee and Ron’s jam tarts, but we would all like Anita back. 6.2 miles.

Aynho Long Walk 24th August 2017

Perfect weather for our walk today which is perhaps why there were 16 of us. We welcomed Nicky, a new walker for us, and Max now with Dawn. We set off down Green Lane, quite muddy at the top but once past the business area and the caravan parked further on the track became drier. We continued down to Lower Walton Grounds, crossed the stream and continued round to the track out to Kings Sutton. We took the footpath alongside the cottages and climbed up the newly harrowed field to the copse and crossed the field ahead diagonally and emerged into College Lane and Kings Sutton village. From here we crossed the green and took a series of paths round the back of the village. By the railway station we took the steep path up the slope and followed the meadow round to the lane which emerges on the road to Aynho.  A few yards back towards the village took us to the path across the field to the sewage farm and from there we crossed harvested fields to Lower Walton Grounds and then up over the great curving hill to the Dad’s Army hut and back along the Charlton Road to the pavilion. Kathy had left some coffee and tea there and some biscuits, so a few of us took due advantage. Please come back Anita. 6.1 miles.

Flower & Vegetable Show 2017

I would like to thank everyone who helped to set -up and run the Flower and Vegetable show. It is always absolutely exhausting and you all worked so hard.  Hopefully we will impress the producers of ‘ Village of the Year’.

Thank you also to everyone who entered or came along on the day. It was a great atmosphere and showed  Aynho at its best.

Carol McClellan (Show Organiser)



Aynho Long Walk 17th August 2017

The rain had cleared as eleven of us set off down Portway and under the tunnel to the view across the valley. We walked down to the stream and headed up to the B4100 and across to Upper Aynho Grounds. A very pleasant stretch down through the woods and then we faced the overgrown path up through the Warren Farm woods. We waded through the tall wet grass up to the meadow beyond and continued round the paddock and up Mill Lane to the path behind Croughton village. We took the footpath across to the road and the Reading Room before we headed past the school playing field and across to the back lane that runs through to Croughton. No farm activity this time, just a path through the stubble. We continued through Camp Farm and along the ridge back to Green Lane and the pavilion. Thanks to Kathy for the tea and coffee. We await Anita’s return for the delicious refreshments. 6.2 miles.

Aynho Long Walk 10th August 2017

Summer paid us a visit this morning as eleven of us set off down Green Lane The views across the valley were beautifully clear. The track along the valley at the end of Green Lane was its usual puddled self after heavy rain. The crop had been harvested in the main field but as we left the track and followed the path through the next field the crop was still waiting for the combine. The final field up towards the stone pits was harvested and ploughed so our boots got quite clogged here. We continued down through Charlton Village and back via the camp field and the track along the ridge back to Green Lane and the pavilion. There were some sunflowers in bloom near the camp in the wild flower area, and in sharp contrast, a deer skeleton by the new manure heap. Anita is away so thanks to Kathy we had some refreshments so we could sit round and chat to finish off the morning.

Aynho Long Walk 3rd Aug. 2017

Wild weather with sunshine and showers interchanging every few minutes as fourteen of use set off through the village and down Station Road to Millers Lane. No sign of the deer as we walked down the lane to the ford. The stream was still well below the track in spite of the recent rain. The track up to Souldern has been relaid in uneven concrete strips and work is still going on. We turned along Wharf Lane and crossed the stile round the back of Souldern Manor. The horses in the field were wearing their raincoats and were eager to greet us in the vain hope of treats. There was sunshine at this point but once we had taken the path between the houses and started up the track to Nancy Bowles Wood it was overcast and spitting with rain again. We had to cut and slash the nettles as we passed through the copse to the path alongside the alpacas. They raced forward towards us today with their horse companion close behind. The heavy old sheep grazed on regardless. We walked back through the village and down past the church, pleased that the stile there had been strengthened. From there we followed the Portway route back to Aynho and the pavilion; glad of the refreshments as the rain was starting again. 5.4 miles.

Flower and Vegetable Show

Gardening Club’s Flower and Vegetable Show will be held in the Village Hall on Saturday 19th August.
The show is open to all residents of Aynho so please enter as many classes as you can.  Tea and cakes will be served during the afternoon and there will be a raffle as usual.

For those of you who enjoy the produce, this will be auctioned at the end of the afternoon.

Any cakes and raffle prizes will be greatly appreciated.

Contact:   Carol McClellan – Show Organiser– 810346 or any Member of the Committee.

Schedule and Rules of the show.

Entry form.

Spiced Butternut Squash Cake recipe.

Ride and Stride

Ride and stride on Saturday September 9th to help raise funds for Northamptonshire Historical Churches Trust.  Bring out your bike, or walk, to enjoy some quality time in our beautiful county of Northamptonshire!

Participants ride (bicycles – or even horses)  or stride between churches as few or as many as you choose, usually planning your own route and timing.

For information and sponsorship forms please contact:

PAT STUBBS  01869 810695