Aynho Long Walk 28th December 2017

We welcomed Lydia who is new to our walks to join the ten of us who set off down Portway on this bright cold morning. The ground crunched under our feet but the areas in the sun soon softened into more muddy stretches. We continued towards Souldern, enjoying the wonderful views in the clear skies and bright sunshine. The sheep did not scatter as we passed them and turned up through the fields towards Wharf Lane. It was not an icy road as we were now in full sunshine. We crossed the motorway and continued down to Souldern Wharf. The water-meadows at this end had become large blue lakes but the towpath was pleasant for walking and the colours of the reflections on the still waters were beautiful. At Aynho Wharf we left the canal and returned to Millers Lane via Lower Aynho Grounds. After passing under the motorway and entering the next field we were captivated by the deer silhouetted against the skyline at the top of the hill. We skirted round the ford and followed the track back to the village. Dawn had left everything ready for our refreshments although only four of us stayed. The other walks did not take place today so numbers were down. 6.2 miles.