Gigaclear – First Properties in Aynho Now Live!

Village Live!

Aynho now has Ultrafast Fibre Broadband after the Gigaclear Cabinet went live on 4 November.  The speed test in the image above was taken on 12 November from a property in Aynho and shows what the new broadband is capable of achieving in speed terms.  A BT test taken on the same day achieved the following results:


So what does this mean:

– We have have broadband in the Village that is within the top 5% of connection speeds in the UK as opposed to the bottom 15%!
– Depending on the service you use it is potentially 175 times faster to download a file or 3000 times faster to upload!
– The broadband is now future proof for many years to come.
– Even if you do not want to use Gigaclear’s service at this stage – you will have a ‘pot’ at your boundary which you can connect to at some time in the future.

Gigaclear Demonstration Day – Saturday 28 November

Gigaclear are inviting you to join them at their official Demonstration Day on Saturday 28th November at Aynho Village Hall starting at 11.00am until 4.30pm to give you the opportunity to come and try out their service first hand.

On the day:

• Bring your personal devices to experience Gigaclear’s ultrafast fibre broadband in action!
• Ask us any questions you may have.
• Meet their partners, Vonage – one of the world’s leading broadband telephony companies and learn how you can benefit from having Vonage.
• Meet Boxcom, Gigaclear’s approved installers, who will be there to answer your questions relating to installation, home wiring and telephone extension wiring.
• Just generally come along for some tea and coffee and test the speeds for yourself – you’ll be amazed!

Register your attendance at:
For your information:
To find out more, visit:
To order now, visit:
Alternatively, you can email:
Twitter: @Gigaclear

Village Hall

The Village Hall has been provided with a 50Mbps connection which is now live and includes WiFi throughout the hall. Gigaclear have kindly provided this as a free service until 1 January 2018.

Final Works

Work on Blacksmith Hill is almost complete which leaves the bottom of Charlton Road, Banbury Road and College Fields to be connected. Gigaclear have advised this should be complete by the end of November and so all residents who would like to use Gigaclear’s broadband can be connected this month.

Gigaclear – Almost There? – October Update

Cabinet & Live Date
Work on the Cabinet on Charlton Road is almost complete – Gigaclear are now waiting for Vodafone to install their ‘box of tricks’ and the cabinet should then be live! Gigaclear expect to be able to make the first live connections in November and they are forecasting that the network build will be complete by the end of November.

Road Closure of Blacksmith’s Hill
Gigaclear have applied for a formal road closure to complete the works required at the bottom of Blacksmith’s Hill which has been granted. The works are scheduled to start on 10th November. Please note they may still need to replace the main cable from the top of Blacksmith’s Hill down to where the previous works terminated as the original cable was cut off when the original contractor was removed from the works in June.

Current Work Plans
Works in The Square, Roundtown and Aynho Court are now almost complete. Gigaclear then intend to do the installations for College Fields, Banbury Road and the bottom end of Charlton Road before linking these up with the network in Blacksmith’s Hill. Connections to The Hill will be undertaken during the road closure period.

Household Installations
Once ‘pots’ have been installed at your property’s boundary Boxcom will contact those residents who have placed an order with Gigaclear to arrange individual connections and installation of the router (shown above) if you have opted for a Boxcom installation. Alternatively you can contact Boxcom on 03302 000003. If you have opted for a ‘self-install’ Gigaclear will be in touch to send you the self install kit. If you have not placed an order and would like more information please visit Gigaclear. However, Gigaclear can only start the connection process once they have your Direct Debit details – If they do not have them you will be contacted and a sales team from Gigaclear, led by Garry Brokenshire, is in the village to collect details.

Broadband Vouchers
In an earlier post I mentioned that Business’s could apply for a Broadband Connection Voucher to help with costs up to £3000. It would appear that the scheme has been so successful that the scheme for new applicants has been suspended! See the Connections Vouchers website for more details.

‘Snagging’ List
As the project comes to an end the Parish Council will be raising snagging issues with Gigaclear. If you have any areas of concern on the completed works please do email Sadie and if possible add a photo. ( The reinstatement works do come with a 2 year warranty.

Gigaclear – a step closer with the installation of the cabinet!

Village residents may have noticed that the ‘world wide wait‘ for the completion of the Gigaclear Ultra Fast Broadband network took a step closer this week, with the installation of the village cabinet (shown above) on Charlton Road on 10 September. The cabinet will act as the ‘local exchange’ for the village and will link up with the ‘backhaul’ to connect us to the internet. It should be connected to mains electricity at the start of October.

Live Date
The important issue for residents will be when can we expect a live network? Gigaclear is dependant on Vodafone providing the backhaul connection to the village. We were informed initially that Vodafone thought that they had sufficient network capacity for the villages of Croughton & Aynho – however this now appears not to be the case, and so they are in the process of upgrading the optic fibre connection to the village. As a result, Gigaclear expect to be able to make the first live connections in early November. Gigaclear are forecasting that the network build will be complete by December.

Road Closure Blacksmith’s Hill
Gigaclear have applied for a formal road closure to complete the works required at the bottom of Blacksmith’s Hill. They have done this following an objection from local residents. As the notice will take some eight weeks to come into effect – mid November – it will mean that if the village has a live connection in October, the residents of College Fields, Banbury & Charlton Roads & The Hill will have to wait for the Blacksmith’s Hill section of the network to be completed before a live connection can be made available.

Boxcom have also now returned to the village – Boxcom is the firm who will make all the individual house connections. In the next few weeks they will be making the connections in the cabinet and will then test the quality of the connection from the cabinet to individual properties. This work can be undertaken before there is a live feed to the village. These tests are important as there are concerns about some of the quality of the work of the previous Gigaclear contractor, which may need to be rectified.

Gigaclear Installation to Re-start from 27 July 2015

Residents will be aware that all works on the UltraFast Fibre Broadband network stopped on 3 June. This was a result of an intervention by NCC Highways who were concerned about the quality of the works being undertaken by the Gigaclear contactor in Aynho and especially Croughton. Whilst visually the works may have seemed to have been completed to a satisfactory standard NCC Highways were concerned and ordered core testing (making sure the correct thickness and type of material has been used when trenches are filled in) to be undertaken. This took place in the last few weeks and has shown that some of the work is below standard and that some remedial works will be required. The obvious one is the crossing of the B4100 as you enter the village from Croughton.

On 16 July NCC gave approval for both remedial works to be undertaken and also for the remaining installations to be completed concurrently. The works will be undertaken by a new contactor, Wignut Ltd, who have worked with Gigaclear for some time. Additionally Gigaclear has also assigned a new Project Manager, Chris Denham, who took over the project at the end of June.

Relaying the existing works, where required, is due to start on Monday 27 July and will take about two weeks. This will mean that most road crossings will need to be replaced. Work will also be undertaken in the area of Lower Aynho Grounds.

Installation of the remaining fibre is due to start on 10 August (start date updated on 31 July). Depending on the number of team this will be at the bottom end of Blacksmith’s Hill and from where the works stopped outside The Cartwright Arms. Residents will be notified with a letter from the contractor delivered to your home before work starts. It is expected that all works will be completed by the end of August.

Finally, the key question is ‘when can we expect the service to be live?’ Gigaclear are dependant on Vodafone installing the fibre optic connection from the outside world to the village Gigaclear Cabinet. Gigaclear placed the order with Vodafone at the start of this year, and now expect this to be ready at the end of September.

Gigaclear Installation – Progress Update (11-May)

The installation of the Gigaclear Ultrafast Broadband network started as planned on 20 April and has now be in progress for 3 weeks.  It is expected that it will take another 3/4 weeks to complete the installation.

The construction (digging the tenches and laying fibre optic cable) of the network is being carried out by Prior Construction – led by Glen Prior.  Some residents will have already met him – but as the works approach your household please do make contact with him if you have any concerns.  Whilst there will inevitably by some disruption he is keen to minimise it.   The actual connection of the ‘pots’ to the junction points and the Cabinet on junction Portway/Charlton Road is being carried out by Boxcom.

There were some issues at the start of the works  – lack of cables – which was not Prior Construction’s fault – which delayed the works on Charlton Road and The Butts.  This has now been resolved.  Likewise there were some issues over lack of written notice being given to households but this should also have been resolved now.  The location of the ‘pots’ outside houses will be marked with red ink.  Finally some works will be carried out at weekends.

Areas Completed (less some reinstatement works)
The Butts
Raincliffe Close
Butts Close (Part)
Blacksmith’s Hill (Top)

Areas in Progress
Butts Close
The Glebe
Bowman’s Lea
School End  – just starting

Areas to be started (in rough order of expected works)
Croughton Road
Aynho Court
The Bothy
Cartwright Gardens
The Square
Bottom Blacksmith’s Hill
Charlton Road
College Fields

Prior Construction has already started the reinstatement works and a couple of examples of the work are show below.  As the project continues there will be a ‘snagging’ list and so if you have any concerns about reinstatement in your road could you email Sadie with a description and if possible photo.

Some residents are keen to get a service as soon as possible – so when will you be able to get a live connection?  Gigaclear will notify those residents who have signed up for the service the procedure for installation – but at this stage it expected actual live connections will be start to me made in mid June.  If you have not signed up you can do so at  There will also be a demonstration of the service in the Village Hall once the connection is live.

Finally the Parish Council would like to thank all residents for their patience during the construction of the network which can be disruptive for a couple of days and it is appreciated that not all residents have signed up at this stage for Gigaclear.  It is also encouraging that we have received a number of positive comments concerning the quality and speed of works being undertaken by Glen and his team.

If you have any concerns please do email the Parish Clerk ( or simply speak to Glen leading the construction team working in the village.

Reinstatement complete -Raincliffe CloseReinstatement tarmacRaincliffe Close IMG_2736Trenches after diggingCharlton Road IMG_2776Grass after reinstatement (before reseeding)- Portway

Aynho Gets Fibre Broadband!

UPDATE: April Install Start & June/July Connected!

Well done Aynho and Croughton! Ultrafast broadband is coming!

Gigaclear have confirmed everyone that’s ordered their fibre optic broadband connections that installation is currently being planned for April and likely domestic connections will happen in June and July.

As standard practice Gigaclear will install fibre throughout the village – so if you’ve not already ordered you’re not too late to get broadband speeds up-to 1,000mps!





Gigaclear now taking orders!

The residents of Aynho and Croughton have clearly demonstrated the demand for Ultra Fast Broadband and Gigaclear announced on 20 November that they are now taking orders!

This is great news and brings us a step closer to getting a broadband service which is fit for the 21st Century.  Joe Frost, Gigaclear’s marketing manager, told residents in Aynho that as soon as we reach a 30% level of orders – which for Aynho means 87 orders – Gigaclear will go ahead and install the Fibre Optic network.  He also hinted that he thinks this will be achieved by February 2015 and that installation would take place in March/April 2015.  As of Thursday 4 December 55 orders have been placed  –  so just 32 more are required.

As you will know this is a wonderful opportunity to have a superfast Broadband service in Aynho, which is fit for the 21st Century with the capacity to grow.  To my mind superfast Broadband is an essential utility like gas or water. It needs a completely new fibre infrastructure to deliver it, and Gigaclear are prepared to make the necessary substantial investment now.   We have been told that BT have no plans to deliver a fibre service to Aynho before 2017 at the earliest, and even then it would still rely on the copper wires to our homes – rather than the full Fibre to the home installation  which Gigaclear would install.

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify a couple of issues that have come up in the past few days when the Gigaclear sales team have been visiting:

  •  The initial registrations of interest are not ‘carried forward’ – so if you  previously registered that you were interested, and you would now like to place an order, you must either sign up with one of Gigaclear’s representatives or do so online at
  •  A number of residents have indicated to the Gigaclear sales people that they intend to, or would prefer, to sign up online – but have not yet done so.    We really do need every order as soon as possible to help the village cross the threshold, so your order would be appreciated as soon as possible.

Gigaclear have already tentatively  scheduled the cable installation  works to take place in the early Spring of next year – but they can only commit to this if the 30% target is met –  we would not want to miss this early installation date  that they have ‘penciled in’ for the Village!

Remember if you are within the first 30% to sign up you will benefit from a free upgrade to their next level of service for a year.

If you would like to get in touch with the Sales Team who are currently visiting the village – their manager is Michael Richardson who can be contacted on 07747 273950 or at   You will have the opportunity to talk to them in detail and raise and questions you may have.

If you want to place an order you can do so now by visiting Gigaclear’s site at the following link.  You can also find  more information in the post ‘Why & When’ here












Gigaclear: Who and Why

The information given here is only a brief summary and is intended to introduce you to Gigaclear – to find out more visit their website or ask one of their sales representatives when they visit the village in December.

What will Gigaclear provide? Gigaclear will provide every property within the main core of the village a broadband connection and wireless router. Their service provides access to the Internet using a fibre to the premises (FTTP) service that is reliable, ultrafast (*much* faster than BT Infinity), and cost effective. This is not Gigaclear marketing blurb, Gigaclear were ranked as the UK’s fastest internet service provider in 2013. You could have internet speeds of up to 1000Mbps – both up and down (Compared to BT current village speeds of about 4Mbps download & 0.3Mbps upload)!

Can I use it for Phone Services as well? Gigaclear have a partnership with Vonage – which would allow you to make all your telephone calls over your broadband line via a service known as ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ (VOIP). You can keep your existing telephone number and cancel your BT line altogether – saving you line rental charges.

Why now and why not BT? The government is committed to ensuing all communities have access to superfast broadband by the end of 2017. Northamptonshire County Council decided they did not have enough funding to provide a subsidy to BT to provide the new service and after BT stated they had no plans for an upgrade for our village, Gigaclear volunteered to provide a technically faster and better solution than BT would have provided in any case!

How much will it cost? Gigaclear price is £38.80* a month which is very comparable with BT’s Superfast Broadband costs. There is no line rental with Gigaclear. If you also subscribe to the Vonage phone service this will be £7 a month including call costs. The same service with BT costs from £37-£51.40 a month and that’s is before BTs forthcoming price rise! Full details are on Gigaclear’s web site here.

Why is the Parish Council involved? In the recent village survey over 85% of respondents stated that they wanted faster broadband sooner than 2017. The Parish Council is very keen to help this initiative as we need to encourage 30% of the community to register interest to make this project a reality. Gigaclear also want to have village representatives to help with the planning and communication with residents as it will require the fibre optics cable to be buried in small trenches across the village. Whilst it is for individual to decide if the service meets their requirements, the PC is keen to support this project and feels it will be of enormous benefit to the village.

How long and what would be the timetable before the village goes live? We hope that we will get the 30% of orders by end Dec 14. Gigaclear are taking orders via their website and directly via their sales team, who will visit the village. We could have a live service by Jun 15!

I tried to order and it did not recognise my postcode? Please email Sadie with your name and address, including postcode.

What if I have more questions?  Visit or talk to one of Gigaclear’s Sales representatives when they visit Aynho in December.

Where can I keep up to date with Gigaclear’s plans for the Village? The monthly village newsletter, the new Aynho Website at (goes live beginning November) or via emails sent out by Sadie to those on the email list – email her at if you are not currently on her list.

*Gigaclear’s new price from 1 January 2015 and not reflected on their website as yet .

Gigaclear Visit Aynho – Monday 24-Nov (7.30pm) at Village Hall

Are you fed up with poor or slow Broadband from BT?

Then you can now place an order for Gigaclear’s Ultrafast Fibre Broadband!

Gigaclear have approached the Parish Council with plans to install Ultrafast Fibre Broadband in the villages of Aynho & Croughton. Provided over 30% of residents in both the villages place an order for Gigaclear’s service ave registered Aynho could have the new service live by mid 2015!

To place an order please go to:

Their website contains more information on the service that Gigaclear provides. Some background information is also provided here.  Please note that their service, if also used for telephone calls, is very comparable to BT’s superfast broadband prices – for what is a better product!

Gigaclear will also be visiting Aynho and giving a presentation with full details of their service on

Monday 24 November 2014 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

You should note that the first 30% to order Gigaclear’s service will benefit from a free upgrade to the next service level for 12 months!

Gigaclear have already successfully installed their network in some 9 Oxfordshire villages. Representatives of from Aynho & Croughton have met with Gigaclear and it is clear they are committed to providing the service as soon as we place the necessary orders.



Ultra Fast Broadband In Aynho? Act Now!

With super fast broadband from BT unlikely to arrive in Aynho until 2017, or possibly later, an Oxfordshire broadband provider specialising in rural connections has stepped forward with proposals to install fibre optic connections to households in Aynho. With potential connection speeds of 200mb – the current village average is between 4-6 mb.

Gigaclear are the company; they’ve already installed ultra fast broadband into several Oxfordshire villages including Northmoor. Click here to read about their experience.

Sounds great? Sounds fantastic! But, we need to make it happen.

At least 30% of households have to register for the service and, apart from broadband, the service and costs make it all quite compelling.

During the next few weeks we’ll invite Gigaclear to visit Aynho and present their company, services and how it might benefit us. We’d like all residents to join us at the event.

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